Redd's Auctions




I have been interested in the buying and selling of anything of value since I was nine. My mother would bring me to yard sales and flea markets and we would buy different items and then sell them at local auctions. I have been addicted ever since. As I got older I became more interested in antiques. The story behind the furniture where it was made and in what era and the style and fashion of that era.

I worked for a few local auctioneers and went to the Mendenhall School of Auctioneers where I got my auction license last year. I opened up Redd'sAuction Gallery more than 1 year ago and have continued to grow in size and experience and knowledge of antiques, art, glassware, sterling silver,automobiles and more ever since.

I have auctioned the Trinity Temple Library and helped many churches and schools and different organizations with benefit auctions. I have helped generations settle large and small estates. 

There are many types of people that come to my auctions. Dealers, Interior Designers, people that are looking to fill their whole house or for that special unique collectable. Then there are the ones just like you that come for the unique entertainment that only a live auction can give and end up bidding on treasures that you just have to have.

I have come across many interesting items and stories and enjoy knowing that I took part in the continuation of the journey of each item. Everything has a story and a past and I like to think I am giving it a future.